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Our Facilities

We have smartly invested a good sum on money on developing some sound facilities that are required for hassle-free business functioning. On the extensively fertile soil of our farm, some of our food products are grown and cultivated. We have also maintained hygienic processing wings in Barmer, Sanchore and Raipur of India, wherein grown crops are cleaned, sorted, washed and processed with the aid of modern machines. Further, processed as well as sourced products are safely kept by us in an organized manner at the spacious store, which is always maintained free from rotten, dust & moisture.

Packaging Division

We are into the food industry, where packaging plays a crucial role in retaining quality & enhancing shelf life for a longer time. For packaging products of different types & nature, we make use of specific tamper-proof multi-wall paper bags. These bags not only preserve the physico-chemical properties of the food products but also seal the packs so that no adulteration takes place during transits. After packing our food products in bags, we put the same into the containers anywhere between 20 to 45 days so that they reach the destination, without any quality defect and withstanding through different climatic conditions. Further, our packers also attach a slip on all the packs for giving details of lots Number, Batch Number, Month of Mfg., Exp. Date etc. Further, packed products are shipped by us in FCL lots, consisting 4 batches (each of 5 Tons). Below are some of the quantity packs that are offered by us in

  • 10 kg. Products in PP Bags packaging
  • 25 kg. Products in PP Bags packaging
  • 50 kg. Products in PP Bags packaging
  • 1000 kg. Products in JUMBO Bags packaging